Thursday, November 01, 2007

Choosing a shed (US) - Rogue Custom (updated)

UPDATE: I had some misgivings when I made the original post on this firm since some of the images on their site seemed rather 'familiar' from models in the UK. I've since talked to several manufacturers and it would seem like Rogue Custom have some explaining to do. Nick Hopewell-Smith from Henley told me he had never heard of the company and that as well as using images of their Orwell models they were also using testimonials and reviews from Henley customers (without even changing the names). Until I hear back from Rogue Custom, I'd give them a wide berth.


Oregon-based Rogue Custom have a wide range of models (pictured above is The Garden Hide-a-way, 12' x 16'). Architect-designed, they tick all the must-have boxes (insulation, sustainable timber from Oregon and Washington State) plus extras such as soundproofing, roof lights or even shower rooms. It's not the prettiest web site in the world, but there are lots of examples of their work (below is the Coastal Retreat) and testimonials.


  1. hi,
    i had my studio built by rogue custom & the workmanship was outstanding. the attention to detail that pete brought to the job is incredible.
    if you want to see it being built go to the website, (, & look at the silversmith's studio link attached to morgan's investors cottage on the home & garden offices page. it's amazing!!!

  2. I'm pleased for you, but why have they got other manufacturer's models up there and also used their testimonies? If there is an explanation, I'd be delighted to do another post.

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I’m with Alex, I too would have “some misgivings” with His post ......... I personally have dealt with this “firm” three times (that should say volumes) in the past six + years, and have found the whole operation ............ BLOODY FANTASTIC!!! From start to finish, Pete and his crew far exceeded our, my husband and my, expectations on our first structure, a 14' x 14' storage shed with a sliding door and loading dock (perfectly located for easy loading/unloading of hay and horse/farm supplies). The engineering was most efficient yet aesthetically very pleasing. The second structure was a pool house with changing room and bunk-house (that visitors welcome year-round). The third structure was completed just this last summer, a “Merlin’s Workshop” that sets nicely in our forested area.
    See it at
    We are exceeding pleased with not only the three above mentioned from a construction and design premise, we were are also BLOWN AWAY!!! with the way Rogue Custom and all who are associated with them present and follow through with such professionalism and integrity in all of our dealings. We have referred many of our closest friends to this “firm” with very positive feedback. As far as Alex’s comment “I'd give them a wide berth” We suppose that’s Alex’s prerogative. ......... Somewhere in our memory is the factoid that the “firm” has contact or connections in the British Isles ........ your quest may well rest across the pond .........

    Janice’s comments on the subject seem quite consistent with those we’ve had along with that We’ve heard over the past years. The attention to detail ad quality brought to every structure We’ve seen are not found these days in any of the local buildings that other builders have erected. Rogue Custom’s business tactics, are a welcome relief, reliable, to the point and always admirable.

    By the way, Janice .................... NICE DIGS!!! Office or sales ....... both?

    Randi and Carl Weston
    Jacksonville, Oregon

  4. Randi - I'm pleased that you too seem to be a satisfied customer, but it still leaves the issues I mention above unresolved i.e. there are images of other people's work on the site and testimonies which are absolutely nothing to do with Rogue Custom.

  5. Anonymous5:24 PM

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