Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Box of Delights - van der Architects, Tokyo

Now this is what I call a shedworking atmosphere, as featured on Uncle Wilco's shedblog and readersheds. These are the offices of van der Architects in Tokyo and this is how owner Martin van der Linden describes them:
"For our new office we took a house in a residential area in the centre of Tokyo. We wanted to make sure that we would not end up with a feeling of being in "an office". We wanted to create a work environment that expresses what we do, we are architects, we creative, unusual and imaginative. We sent Nanako, one of our designers house hunting. As most houses in Japan only have a 20-30 year life space we wanted to see if we could salvage an old house and re-use the wood for our sheds. Nanako found a 40 year old house that was about to be torn down. We then asked the demolition company to give us the wood and interior door frames to re-use."
Martin also writes a blog Work Vitamins.

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