Friday, November 23, 2007

Vocabulary lessons for homeworkers

By definition, shedworkers tend not to spend too much time in a traditional office and so you could find yourself in a whole different linguistic country of middle management speak when you do pop in for a visit. The Independent has a useful guide to understanding terms such as 'Push the needle, you desk jockey' by Sean O'Grady. Go on, swallow the frog.


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I think you should come up with some self-management speak for us solitary shed workers.

    I wonder what the French say in place of 'swallow the frog'?

  2. How about a few variations:

    throwing your toys out of the shed
    singing from the same shed
    clear shed thinking

    or more specifically

    'shedding up' (when you've just taken on a new client, as in "I'm 'shedding up'")

    'through the door' (networking in the real world, as in "We met online but after a time I felt I had to go 'through the door' with them")

    'trad' (an office worker who commutes every day to a traditional office, as in 'Now I have a garden office, I couldn't go back to being a 'trad'")

    'thinking out of the window' (the equivalent of 'thinking out of the box')