Friday, November 09, 2007

Peter Gabriel - Shed of your dreams

Musician and shed champion Peter Gabriel writes and produces music from his recording studio shed and has now teamed up with Solid State Logic and shedworking specialists Summerwood to offer similar models to musicians (and other shedworkers). It's essentially a customisable professional recording studio with a SSL AWS 900+ console. Click here to watch a video of Gabriel being interviewed about his shedlife - it's really rather good. As he points out: "There's a bit of a shed movement going on."

And here's what it looks like inside...

Via Richard Cleaver


  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Damn that's a serious shed. SSL + PG + shed = "We're gonna need bigger pockets".

  2. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Yes, it's really rather nice. And PG is obviously a keen shedworker which is nice to see.