Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Box of Delights - dazzle shed

I love the dazzle shed from Elenberg Fraser in Carlton Victoria (picture by Kate Gollings). It's a backyard shed which houses various gardening paraphenalia. This is what the architects say about it:
"The shed had to be marvelous but still invisible and discreet. Sited in the corner of the garden at the rear of an old converted fire station, it was constructed out of marine plywood and peg board, painted black and white and assembled by a theatre set company. The optical illusion of the dazzle pattern tricked the viewer in thinking the facade was flat. The discreet camouflage was a success. The quest is to find the front door."

Via Kevin Hui at the pushpullbar2 forum who says the design is based on the Dazzle Ships from World War I which used 2D pattern to distort the shape and orientation of a 3D shape,

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