Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One Show - shed gallery

The next segment of the One Show's mini series on sheds and garden offices will be shown on BBC1 tomorrow at 7pm. In the meantime, they've been building up a nice collection of sheds sent in by viewers on their web site here. Here are a selection of my favourites. First in the Netherlands, More than a shed (pictured above) from Alan Leebance who says: "This structure is so much more than just a shed. At the rear there are sleeping quarters - this is a lifestyle essential for the modern put-upon man." Below is the Zen shed from Clare Lee who writes: "This is our shed or "The Japanese Pavillion" as we like to call it. The shoji screen doors slide back to reveal a multitde of things normally found inside a garden shed - lawn mower, garden tools, DIY tools, paint pots, pesticides, picnic hampers and much more." And finally, Hand built by Peter Vivian. "This is a picture of my shed/workshop that I designed and built myself around seven years ago," he says. "I use it for my hobby which is anything involving wood, furniture making, turning but mostly making traditional rocking horses."

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  1. Be good if those sheddies could share their sheds on the original shed based wossname