Friday, November 30, 2007

Around the shedworld

Shedblog had this piece in the always excellent Just Sheds Tuesday slot about a New Zealand shed turned into a charming outside bar... Anne Robert at My Urban Garden Deco Guide looked at outdoor carpets, especially the Atlantique carpet which has been developed for “outdoor cocooning” with a Mediterranean touch... The third Home Office Warrior blog carnival has some interesting links on everything from banners ads to whether homeworking is for you and how to be a more effecive homeworker (Grant also points out that Web Worker Daily has had a nice makeover)...MetroNaps aims to maximise employee productivity by harnessing the latest sleep innovations to increase profitability and claims to be the world’s premier provider of professional napping products and services... The Daily Telegraph had a nice story about building with cob featuring friends of Shedworking Adam and Katy from Cob in Cornwall...

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  1. Alex -- Thanks for the mention and I have enjoyed the latest edition of the magazine. Just arrived this morning.