Monday, November 12, 2007

Shed on wheels - progress and nostalgia

Laura Geary from the Sockburn Hall Project has been hard at work with her shed on wheels project. Here's what she says:
"The shed on wheels is progressing! This weekend the secondhand Ifor Williams trailer headed down to Herefordshire where it'll have an sheep wool insulated shed built on top! Andrew Marsden (an experienced wagon builder) designed the structure and is building it using reclaimed materials where possible - a great hardwood stable door has just been sourced. There will also be a little stove inside meaning I can make use of the abundance of fallen wood about the site. By the end of January, Sockburn Hall Project will have a new, and hopefully pretty environmentally sound, hub for its activities!

"Here are the dimensions and a drawing of the shed as it's been envisaged. The sleeping platform is to be across one end of the shed - I'm only 5'4" so I'll be able to walk underneath ok! - with a small window at that level. I can't wait! Also, in looking through some photos we found at Sockburn Hall my mum found some pictures of her father's very own shed on wheels... a well-loved and very well-used 1930s caravan. There must be something in the genes!"

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  1. Ifor Williams, brings back memories from a former life..... but there should be a share your Ifor website, as they are so many of them in Wales, with every combination.