Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thatched summerhouseworking

In a desperate bid to encourage a bit of summer, here is a lovely summer house from Architectural Heritage whose Thatched Edwardian Summer House is a faithful copy of an Edwardian original built by Henry & Julius Caesar (rustic house builders to the King), of Knutsford, Cheshire, as mentioned earlier in the week. The original design dates back to around 1910. It's hand built from English oak with reclaimed oak plank flooring, boasts an interior lined in herringbone pine with built-in banquet seating to the rear and side. The leaded glass windows contain hand blown bullion glass, while the windows to the front elevation are decorated with handpainted wild flowers, songbirds, frogs, ears of corn and harvest mice. The fire retardant wheat straw roof is constructed by a local Master Thatcher and the rustic oak plank exterior will weather down to a pleasing silver grey over time. It stands 12' 9" by 10' 6" wide.


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I have a Henry & Julius Caesar summer house in the garden. Can you recommend a dealer to discuss a possible sale.


  2. If you send me details (alex@splashmedia.co.uk) and an image, I'd be happy to put it up here for other readers to see.

    You could try www.salvo.co.uk, www.architectural-heritage.co.uk,
    www.source-antiques.co.uk or even contact Sothebys.

    Whatever you decide, please do let me know how you get on.