Friday, July 20, 2007

Design a shed competition - latest entries

The marvellous Line of Site competition which closes for entries on August 3 The Shed Brief continues to attract some very tempting shedworking designs as we posted about earlier this week. I'm much taken with the simplicity of Dave Harland's Garden Retreat and Store which is essentially two plywood cubes - in one you keep all your traditional shed goodies while the other can be turned into a garden office thanks to sliding planes.

But below is my favourite so far. It's Alex Jones' Shed The Stereotype, inspired by luxury motorhomes but designed very much as a garden office shedworking pod with some considerable niceness thrown in (integrated entertainment system, laptop docking pad with trickle charge from optional solar panels, low power LED lighting).

The pod has enough space for two to work in fairly comfortably but - and here's the twist - you can extend the shed sideways to add extra room which is divided from the original section by a sliding entrance door. There's a retractable louvered roof and the whole thing is built from lightweight GRP fibreglass. As Alex says, not a single piece of timber in sight.

I can't think of a better way than this picture of converting the commuting masses to a shedworking lifestyle.

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