Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shepherd's Hut Tuesday - The Shepherds Hut Company

Steve and Mary Blakemore run The Shepherds Hut Company in Masterton, Wairapa, New Zealand. Their timber frame huts are built on a rugged chassis with cast iron wheels and naturally a curved roof. Happily, the company uses eco-friendly products including Resene Environmental Choice paints and Insulwool insulation. Although sizes are similar (3.7m length, 2.8m width, 3m height), there are various models from the basic The Duck Hunters Hut up to the Artists Studio model (pictured below) which has side French doors, solid tongue and groove wooden flooring, and natural macrocarpa panelling and beams. It is fully insulated and ply and batten clad. And of course there is a bespoke option.

This is how the Blakemores describe the space inside:
"Surprisingly roomy, the huts can fit bunks, two singles, or a queen size bed leaving adequate room for a chair and dressing table. Custom built bunks, foldaway beds and furniture can be installed to maximise space."

All huts have lovely Giovanni stoves with a top plate large enough to boil a kettle and a glass door for extra added cosiness.There's also a nice history section and a great photo gallery on the attractively understated site. Well worth a browse.


  1. lovely looking things..

    I wonder if any of their customers would care to "share theirShepherds Hut" for shed of the year 2008

  2. I am definitely being persuaded to get a shed to work in. Do you think these fit into a parking space?

  3. These beauties fit anywhere. A parking space, the drive, your pocket, anywhere. I think they probably would fit in a parking space but not sure how keen the council would be on it. Maybe very keen.