Thursday, July 19, 2007

m-house: it's a caravan...

Reopening the discussion on what constitutes a caravan (see here for more), here is the m-house (pronounced 'mouse') which can be used either as a home or for shedworking. Architecturally it's got the thumbs up from the likes of Jonathan Glancey and Hugh Pearman who has written an excellent article about m-House on his web site here. It's an impressive spec with an aluminium roof, full insulation, solar panels, underfloor heating and, my personal favourite, a big double-ended steel bath with a view out of the window: you can see how it looks on site in your garden or even on your roof by clicking here. But the beauty of m-house, which is designed by Tim Pyne, is that it's legally a caravan/trailer which eases the planning permission problem and the site has a good section on planning law.

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