Friday, July 20, 2007

MIcrosoft Home Office Makeover semifinalists

The semi-finalists have now been announced in this competition. You can vote online and it's also worth going to the site to have a nose around other people's home office set-ups which include video footage.


  1. maybe M$ UK sould do a similar thing with

    as the rise of British shedworkers as we both know, all need to use software whoever its made by.

  2. My vote is for William in LA because I'm from LA and I know how hard it is to try and spend some free time with your kids...for all you Vern Yip fans, catch Vern as a judge on the 2nd season of Design Star airing July 22nd at 10 PM on the HGTV network. I know this because I work with HGTV. check out the site I caught a peek of the 2nd season, and let me tell ya, if you loved the first season, the second season will blow you away! so don't miss out!.