Friday, July 20, 2007

How did you find Shedworking?

The stats counter reveals how people found this site and it always makes interesting reading. This morning for example people reached here searching for the following:
thinking outside smart gardener's workshop
gutter shed nightmare
shed insulation
national siesta day
petit cabanon corbusier study
tiny houses
le corbusier cabin
shedworking the times
hermits who want to live at sea on ships for seclusion
prefabricated transportable igloo

My favourites are, of course, the final two.


  1. you are lucky I get such things as

    antony worrell thompson 4 burner gas bbq

    homemade lawnmower

    nudest pictures

    shed sex


    garden shed jokes

  2. We should merge the sites and then we'd be covering pretty much every base, particularly the three key drivers of food, sex and transportable hermits.

  3. but maybe not in that order...

    I will get my people to talk to your people...

  4. Blimey, I'd better find some people sharpish.