Thursday, July 05, 2007

SME's still unsure about shedworking

According to an article by Gemma Simpson in "SMEs are lagging behind larger companies when it comes to embracing flexible working practices such as working from home." The piece claims that only 43 per cent of SMEs have the technology in place to support homeworking, compared to 76 per cent of large companies, results which come from a Citrix Online study. It goes on to say that only one-fifth of SMEs say they are likely to introduce technologies over the next three years to make homeworking possible, compared with more than half of large companies.
"Caroline Jones, an analyst for Gartner, told "The trend started in large enterprises and to some extent that's where it has stayed." Jones said while larger companies benefit from economies of scale when setting up work-from-home practices, SMEs do not. She added SMEs also have the flexibility to set up shop in less congested regions where the daily commute takes less time and therefore working from home is less essential, when compared with larger companies.

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