Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shepherd's Hut Tuesday - Historical Survivors

'Shepherd's Huts - Historical survivors' is the labour of love of Ian McDonald and an absolute must. There are two main sites. The first is dedicated to shepherds' huts around Norfolk, and a second site is now enlarging the search area by taking in Suffolk - Ian is now collecting sightings from around the UK. You can help build the site. As Ian says:
"We know there are lots more out there, either restored, sitting in the corner of a field or a wood, or in restoration. The position of any hut remains absolutely confidential unless it is situated on land open to public access, such as a museum, so please tell us about them so we can add a photo and short description to our site."

Ian uses his own hut as an Art and Craft studio where his wife Carol works and you can visit it here. Ian also offers advice for those looking for restoration specialists or looking to buy a hut.

The various sits are well worth a browse, not least for the marvellous photo galleries. A few of my favourite examples below.

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