Thursday, July 05, 2007

Who Would You Like To Show Around Your Shed?

As part of National Shed Week, Shedworking and Uncle Wilco's Shedblog have been running a poll asking visitors to our sites who they would most like to show around their sheds. We've had hundreds of votes and the winner with 40% of the vote is...Sarah Beeny. Well done Sarah (who was also a judge in the Shed of the Year competition).

Runner up was garden office favourite Diarmuid Gavin with 18%, followed closely by the popular Uncle Wilco on 15%. Trailing some distance behind were Chris Evans and Angelina Jolie on 8% each, with Brad Pitt mustering a miserly 2% of the votes. As Uncle Wilco says: "I suppose Brad Pitt is not known for his love of sheds, but maybe he should share his for Shed of the Year 2008?"

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