Thursday, July 26, 2007

Roundup of homeworking surveys

Living IT has a good roundup of some recent homeworking surveys, commenting that:
"Many of the UK’s small businesses are still holding back from adopting remote working and more environmentally-friendly policies because they are stuck in their ways. As a result, they are not benefiting from the increased flexibility and responsiveness that mobile and home working can provide. Nor are they reaping the rewards of energy-saving and reduced costs that are delivered by the latest ‘green’ PCs and consolidated or virtualized servers and storage solutions."

Survey 1 - 30 per cent of workers say their business’s culture is preventing remote working practices being brought in and 25 per cent believe that it is slowing down the adoption of green initiatives. (Interwise)
Survey 2 - while 74 per cent of firms said flexible working had a positive impact, only 30 per cent actually put it into practice. (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)
Survey 3 - employees felt that 37 per cent of face-to-face meetings they are asked to attend were unnecessary and counter-productive. (WebEx)

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