Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Eye Candy - Hut Architecture

Up and coming practice Hut Architecture (not to be confused with the equally attractive Hut Garden Offices) set up by Andy Whiting and Scott Batty five years ago are already big hitters in the world of design, with interesting furniture, interactive installations, travelling exhibitions, and events as well as buildings under their belt. And this is why - their compact 'Hut-on-a-roof' is a marvellous timber shedworking atmosphere on a Clerkenwell rooftop where you can live/work and pretend you're in Mary Poppins at the same time. Nice touches include a sliding glass roof, solar panels, wood-burning stove and sheep’s wool insulation. This is how they describe their inspiration:
"The building takes ideas from both hide-away tree houses and the suburban garden shed, providing nothing more or less than is required for an urban sanctuary."

As a follow-up to the roof shed, Hut Architecture are now looking at producing similar shedlike buildings for shedworkers. More details here and here. There's also an interesting article and interview with Hut at BD Online.

Thanks to shed champion Justin at materialicious for this one.

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