Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Women's Hour gets behind National Shed Week

A marvellous piece on Radio 4's Women's Hour this morning on the increasing number of women who take pride in their sheds and their shedworking. This is how they put it at the BBC web site:
"Sheds have long been the domain of men - dark places full of old engine parts and evil smelling DIY products. However, in the last few years women have been quietly re-defining sheds, turning them into places to work, to create and to think. In National Shed Week, when all things shed-like are being celebrated up and down the country, Caroline Beck has been talking to a group of women artists from Northumberland about their sheds and why life without them would now be unthinkable. She started by talking to Jane Torday who runs The Garden Station, an old railway station, that has, at its heart, a series of beautiful wooden sheds which once belonged to the railway."

It's an excellent piece, very atmospheric and you can - indeed should - listen to it again here. Well done Women's Hour for bringing the shedworking message to a wider audience.

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