Monday, July 02, 2007

Backyard bunkers all the vogue

A fascinating piece in Deutsche Welle about ABCguard (motto 'A safe place in an unsafe world') who manufacture protection shelters, pictured. The article suggests that these underground attack-safe steel prefab bunkers - Gartenschutzraum - could soon become a part of every suburban German garden as the population gets worried about terrorism and tornadoes. Apparently sales have gone through the roof this summer. Each 2.5m cube-shaped bunker comes with an air-lock entrance as standard, air purification system, hand-driven generator and 30cm thick reinforced concrete walls and starts from around 90,000 Euros. If you want your door to withstand a mortar shell attack, add on another 30,000 Euros. Installation takes a week and there's enough storage space for a family of seven to survive for a month. Thanks to BSJ for alerting me to this.


  1. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Maybe you can just make this your house?

  2. Hello,
    Very nice idea. It will be great if I could make one in my house.
    Thank you.