Thursday, October 09, 2008

Recycled plastic bottle sheds

If you're really keen to go down the green shed route, here's an ambitious project for you - build it out of recycled plastic bottles. Above is an example belonging to Crafty People's Sister C at the historic St Anns Allotments. Built around a timber frame, the bottles were collected from friends and family before being cut to size (there's a good explanation of how that's done on her site). Alternatively, try doing one without any timber at all like Jane Burt's installation below. Her ‘Green Green House’ was made with more than 1,000 recycled plastic bottles collected from friends and the local recycling centre. The roof is self-supporting and the bottle bases were sewn together to make a stained glass window over the front door plus bead curtain for the entrance. Here's what she says:
"The green house has a wonderful fluidity and luminosity whilst creating a harmonious link to its natural surroundings. In this climate of enhanced conservational awareness, it is exciting to bring a practical element to recycled materials whether it be inspirational, educational or regenerative. I trust I have demonstrated that trash can be transformed into a beautiful building that sparkles and shimmers in the sun while conserving heat and rainwater."


  1. bituin11:11 PM

    hmmm interesting! nice job there. never thought of plastic bottle as a building material. now i can add that to my list on how to re-use plastic bottles. thanks.

  2. Anonymous5:30 PM

    By cutting and splitting then holding flat and heating to modest temperatutes (boiling water) flat sheets can be fabricated from soda bottles!

  3. wow! it's so great! recycling those bottles, even in your own little way, helps save the environment.

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  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Oh that's beautiful! What a delight.

  5. ChrisL5:08 PM

    maybe this is an option Tiger Sheds should explore for their catalogue! what a great way of going green in the garden.

  6. Well as if I hadn't had enough projects that I am working on! Yes this is a great idea. And now I have lots more to plan. How about a lean to? I think this method of building would work great for that. I might even try to invent a new way to insulate my windows for winter. Any other ideas? I would love to see more instruction and pics. Thanks

  7. Anonymous12:04 AM

    i find this project very interesting! could you give details and instructions on how to buil the green house, please? how are bottles put together? did you use a special frame? thanks!

  8. The answers above are good but if none of them work, you might try drilling two small holes in the bottom of the containers to relieve the suction. This might also be helpful if your garbage men are as reliable as mine and do it again. Good Luck!!!