Friday, July 06, 2007

Shedworking - the book

You've read the magazine, you've read the blog, and soon you'll be able to read the book. Yes, it gives me great pleasure on the last day of National Shed Week 2007 to announce that the intelligent and handsome folk at the UK's hottest publishing house The Friday Project will be publishing The Shedworking Handbook in July 2008. Not only will it feature all your favourite shedlike atmospheres, but it will also look at shedworking lifestyles, famous and celebrity garden offices, shedworking tips and advice and much, much more. It will be the perfect summer read and indeed Christmas present, as well as ideal for birthdays, or just something to enjoy in the lavatory, and of course marvellous for simply browsing. If you have a garden office which you're proud of (or indeed, not proud of) or an interesting shedworking tale to tell, please do get in touch and send me a picture of it. All those included will get a free copy of the book when it comes out.


  1. Congrats Alex I and all the sheddies look forward to it, hope we get a mention!

    of course your readers can also add their Garden Offices to the Catgeory over at ready for Shed of the Year 2008

  2. A book on sheds without Unthinkable!

  3. Dear Alex!

    Tremendously exciting!!

  4. Any chance you'll also be able to include US sheds or is this mainly a local thing?

    I'm very excited for you and know you'll have a great time putting it together! (of course, the hardest thing will be deciding what to leave out!)

    And when can we pre-order copies! I already know several people who will love it!

  5. Mary, US sheds and shedlike atmospheres will very definitely be included (including those which might only be semi-built by Christmas...) as will others from around the world - there are some great ideas from the rest of Europe and lots of shedworking followers in Australia and New Zealand too.

    I'll check on the preordering and get back to you.

  6. Emma Jones11:22 AM

    Alex, congratulations. This is great news!

    A published author, none the less. Will we have to doff our homeworking caps?!

  7. Emma, by all means doff away. Perhaps Enterprise Nation would like a bulk order?

  8. Is it available yet? I couldn't find it on their site.

  9. Not available yet (unless you hack into my Mac). Should be out in July 2008.

  10. Congratulations Alex... I can't wait to see it!


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