Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Henry Brown from shed24 - design and concept development for exhibitions, retail spaces, and museums - has been in touch to share some of his shedworking atmospheres. He writes:
"We have been experimenting with techniques of ship and aircraft construction, crates, flat packing, and the use of sheet materials, with the aim of building cheap, lightweight structures that can be easily adapted, resulting in the ‘shed-o-matic’ series [pictured above]. S410 and S322 are collaborations with industry to explore versions of the classic ‘static’ - factory built, self contained and which might become plug-in home extensions, retail spaces, garden offices, coastguard huts ....

"We’ve also been talking to individual clients about bespoke home office units, formed from reclaimed materials and being site specific solutions. We are currently collating our collection of images to form the sb(x)e web site (small building (experimental) establishment). The collection celebrates un-designed, artless, accidental, improvised and banal small structures and spaces from around the world. Shed24 also design exhibitions. "
There are plenty of interesting designs on the shed24 web site including a design for the garden office project pictured below.

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