Friday, March 07, 2008

Choosing a shed (US) - Four Season Spaces

Minnesota-based Four Season Spaces is one of the new breed of garden office manufacturers building with structural insulated panels (SIPs). Above is their garden office model with cement board siding, art profile metal roofing, rolled cork walls and fused bamboo flooring. I rather like their home cinema idea too, pictured below.


  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Thanks for linking to this. It looks like a promising technology for sheds.

    The schematic on their website shows a heater of some sort in one wall. But this construction looks like the perfect opportunity to use in-floor heating elements for a gentler, more efficient heating method. Wonder why we see so little of floor heating.

    Bill D

  2. Yes, there are one or two people using SIPs for garden offices e.g. Neoshed in the US and Vivid Green in the UK but it doesn't seem to have caught on yet. No doubt it will - green roofs used to be an unusual option and now they're almost sold as a standard package item