Saturday, March 29, 2008

The rise of the barbecue hut

A great piece in The Daily Telegraph by Adam Edwards looks at how "taking luncheon in a bespoke hut suddenly become all the rage". Here's a snippet:
"This spring the Prince of Wales, for one, has applied for planning permission to have a bespoke oak hut built at his Gloucestershire estate at Highgrove. The timber-frame company, Border Oak, in nearby Herefordshire, is producing open-sided oak gazebo barbecue huts that are selling well to the gentry. ''One well-heeled customer bought two - one for his terrace and the other for the end of his garden,'' says company spokesman Ben Albright."
Namechecks for four specialist barbecue hut companies: Logspan (whose 9.9m2 hut is pictured above and who also offer garden office models); Border Oak; Barbecue Lodges (whose Moose model is pictured below) and BBQ Huts. To which Shedworking would add the Anglo Igloo.

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  1. Love it, I want one. I'm thinking the 28.8m2 Barbecue hut on looks the biz.