Monday, March 24, 2008

Sheds as art - Scott Peterman

It's been snowing at Shedworking HQ this Easter weekend so here's something atmospherically chilly to keep the mood going.
"Over the past seven winters, Scott Peterman has photographed ice-fishing shacks in the lakes region of Maine and New Hampshire. Built for entirely utilitarian purposes, these ad hoc structures illustrate a primal narrative of shelter, food, warmth, and the ongoing battle against the caprices of nature. Made with lightweight, windproof materials, such as sheet metal, foam insulation, plastic, and wood, their architecture is simple and unrefined, yet constructed with surprising ingenuity and grace. With a typological approach and sensitive eye, Peterman recontextualizes the temporary, vernacular shacks as art objects. Photographed in the elements of rain, fog, and snow – when the light is filtered and the color range narrowed – they become mysterious and transcendent as they rise out of the atmosphere and invite us to contemplate their unintended beauty."
Charles A Harman Fine ArtAnd Scott Peterman's own site. Spotted by Bill Kratz.

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