Thursday, March 20, 2008


Shedworking reader Mark Meyer has been in touch to alert us to his extremely pleasant sexyShack. Here's what he says:
"The sexySHACK is an 18 1/2'x 10' space dedicated as a backyard graphic design studio/guest bedroom. To that end the driving force behind the design was natural light. This was capitalized upon through the generous use of cellular polycarbonate for the walls and the inclusion of some well located operable windows to induce natural ventilation as well as direct connections to the lovingly landscaped backyard. In order to create a protected sitting space that looks over the manicured stretch of green an 8' cantilevered roof projects out to cover a small hardwood deck and 8'x8' sliding glass door. This canopy is lit from within and provides a nice diffuse light to counterbalance the shaded backyard at dusk.

The interior is devoted to desk and worktable space. Red plexiglass strips along the west wall break up the afternoon sunlight and provide an added explosion of colour which offsets the oiled birch walls and ceiling. A single sized daybed cantilevers from the wall, but with a pull, slides from a cantilevered saddlebag to become a queen sized bed for guests to call home."
The building cost $10,000 to build and was featured on HGTV's "Look What I Made!".

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