Thursday, March 20, 2008

Confessional - Cathy de Monchaux

Cathy de Monchaux's Confessional is built of copper, steel, glass, limestone and leather. According to Cathy, she wanted to build something which was a sculpture, but only complete when people entered it and started talking inside. The Cass Sculpture Foundation which showcases the work says:
"Her reflective method of working has resulted in a building that is simple, assured and which looks from the outside to be a place without pretension, but with strength of line and solidity of form... Like most of de Monchaux's work, Confessional is secretive: it hints at comfort - here is a place to rest, to recline and to converse. It is quiet inside, away from the hustle of the crowd, but you could easily damage your hand on the spikes which are part of repeated hand shapes forming the decorative screen. The screen itself is a metaphor for all that confuses communication. Is my truth your truth? Do you understand me? Do I know you?"
The screen, pictured below, is a fretwork of rusting steel.

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