Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sheds for goats and dogs

We've featured some nice shedlike homes for birds and cats recently and here are two more animal sheds. Above is David Johnson's Goat tower in Illinois (at 31ft he claims it is the highest in the world) as featured by The Folly Fancier who also points to the marvellous Ohio Barns site which must be one of the finest collections of barn and barnlike builds on the interweb. And below, as featured on the intriguing Reclaimed Home ('low impact housing and renovation options for thrifty New Yorkers') is a Canine Cave from Scottie's Fine Art Caves. Here's what they say about them:
"Believing that form should follow function, our Canine Fine Art Caves are designed first and foremost to maximize the level of comfort, security, privacy and peace of mind for your friend. Once these requirements have been met in the design process, they are incorporated into the physical structure, which is then shaped and reshaped until the artist’s vision is fully realized. All Canine Fine Art Caves then go into a dormant state where they are allowed to cure and de-stress. After a thorough fine-tuning session and the adornment of Scottie’s Badge of Honour, they are finally allowed to leave the studio."

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