Saturday, March 15, 2008

The importance of gardens

It's hard to shedwork without a garden (hard, but not impossible) and so Shedworking was pleased to read in the Green Building Press that gardens are increasingly being seen as a key element in urban design. Here's what they say:
"Good old fashioned gardens are essential to the development of eco towns as well as in the control of overheating and flash flooding in urban areas, say the Town and Country Planning Association, (TCPA). A seminar in Exeter today will see the TCPA call for proposed eco towns to rediscover the qualities of the Garden Suburbs and Garden Villages of a hundred years ago."

The charity is calling for the garden suburb and garden village principles to be applied to new settlements, including eco-towns as well as to urban extensions particularly in smaller towns with little housing choice on offer, in an attempt to create truly sustainable communities where people will want to settle. The TCPA believe this would help stem the tide of wealthier urban workers buying property in the countryside, leaving no homes for those living and working locally, but on lower wages."
Well worth a browse.

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