Wednesday, March 19, 2008

House No19- mobile studio for artists

Architects Korteknie Stuhlmacher with the Rotterdam based artists BikvanderPol are the brains behind House No19, a mobile studio for artists. It was built as a practical and affordable place for artists to stay with one long space that can be subdivided into different interior and exterior spaces. As they say:
"It's a house to be used in many ways: as a hotelroom, a studio or a hospitable dwelling with a big table, plenty of daylight and as much privacy as one needs."
It is built from solid, laminated sheets of European softwood, covered with thermal insulation and a timber rainscreen, and stabilised by two steel frames: the whole thing can be transported in one piece. It can be fiddled around with to make terraces, ramps and podia.
Via campéon de cobertizos Judit Bellostes and beyondutrecht

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