Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Shed Show at The Tate Modern

Another marvellous shed installation at the Tate Modern, photographed by sharcardinal
Via Shedblog


  1. Why do artists love sheds so much? I know I done the joke about Tracey Emin, but actually, she has done a few, Cornelia Parker blew one up, and Simon Starling, don't even get me started. I was thinking about whether it might be to do with ... the independence of a shed from the home, the ability to make mess, all those tools... perhaps an inspiring environment to a child interested in making stuff, who goes on to have a particular concept of sheds as a great thing... I'm beginning to think I could get a PhD out of this.

  2. I think it's all those things you mention (and there are plenty more similar examples on this site) and also because it's the basic unit of architecture, the primitive hut, on which every other building is based so it's like going back to basics and then customising it with your own intentions. It's also what a shed can represent - everything from cosy suburbia to intensive working factory. More on all this, of course, in Shedworking: the alternative workplace revolution, available now to preorder, etc, etc.

    Tell you what, let's do a joint PhD on it in the Duke of Portland's boathouse.