Saturday, March 22, 2008

Roberts Street Chaplets project - mobile studios

Shedworking Scout Bill Kratz points up the Roberts Street Chaplet, above, to provide a little spiritual flavour this Easter weekend amid the blitz of chocolate bunnies. According to its designer Joel Davy:
"The elemental form of the gable roof on a simple cuboid is intended to create a structure that lies somewhere between a small temple and a simple farm building. Steel post-and-beam construction along with the gridiron translucent plastic infill panels gives the chaplet a Japanese character. The 8'x12' interior is experienced as three separate spaces: the entry, the painting alcove, and the seating alcove."
More lovely photos, including this interior below, by Lonnie Laffen at the architecture-page site.The chaplet is one in a series of six (others are pictured below - more details at the very well-documented project site here) commissioned by artist Marjorie Schlossman to exhibit her work which was inspired by each specific build. She says:
"These spaces, and the art within them, are designed to provide people with a moment’s respite from daily life, whether that moment is used to contemplate, pray, mourn or celebrate."
Check out the film of the project too.

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