Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Green Workplace blog

The Green Workplace describes itself as 'The leading blog for those who design, manage or occupy green workplaces. We are architects, environmentalists, policy makers, and activists sharing ideas together and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. It's about space, technology and changing behavior from "business as usual" to a whole new way of thinking about work. Let's change the world! One great idea at a time." Though not specifically aimed at shedworkers and other species of homeworkers, it does feature us regularly and always has plenty of interesting pieces such as this one:
"Did you know that the energy required to fuel your car and commute to work is actually greater than the energy required to heat and cool the building you are working in? A presentation last week by the California Climate Commission, Carbon Currency: The ROI of Going Green, showed that operating energy uses for the average office building in California was 72 KBTU per square feet per year. The energy required to commute to the average office building in California was 127 KBTU per square feet per year."

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