Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bookshelf is The Scotsman's Website of the Week

Obviously a paper (and journalist) of fine taste, Lee Randall of The Scotsman has chosen Shedworking's baby sibling Bookshelf as their Website of the Week. Here's what Lee says:
"Perhaps the best thing about the internet is its appeal to fetishists of every description. So here's one for everyone out there whose house is being overtaken by books (hey, it's a good thing!) ... a blog entirely devoted to the storage of same. Yes, boys and girls, someone's devoted an entire blog to the subject of shelving, and how interesting it is! Who knew you could get bookshelves in the shape of cats ogling birds with evil intent? Or shelves that look like coat hangers? Or shelves that look as though they're made of other books? Or – oh my god! – books that are actually stairs? It's like we died and went to library heaven!"

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