Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pavilion for Vodka Ceremonies

Pictured above is the Pavilion for Vodka Ceremonies, Klazminskoye Reservoir rest area, Moscow region, 2005, by Bureau Alexander Brodsky (photo Yuri Palmin) which the Royal Academy are quite rightly supposing will encourage people to attend the lecture at the RA on March 17 by Bart Goldhoorn, Architecture after Communism. Here's what they say:
"Although Russia’s current construction boom is fueled by ‘Wild East’ capitalism, its nature is still largely determined by its Communist past. Often this is a handicap, as the use of standard designs is common practice, and, in general, the quality of construction is low. Bart Goldhoorn, architect, founder and editorial director of Project Russia, discusses how in some instances the confrontation of the Soviet heritage with the new possibilities offered by the free market lead to interesting and unique architectural phenomena."
Thanks to Phyllis Johnson for the alert.

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