Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Choosing a shed (US) - Beech-Built

Beech-Built (motto: 'they're so nice you just might want to move in') was founded by former race car driver Donnie Beechler because, he says he wanted "to make a real, measurable difference by reclaiming landfill bound mobile homes and turning them into something useful for everyone" i.e. nice bespoke sheds and garden offices. They certainly look intriguing and come with all the must-haves (insulation, full electrics, portability) as well as using up to 90% recycled material. The model above includes wood laminate flooring and is on a reinforced steel base foundation for strength and stability. There's a nice piece about Beechler and the company in the Springfield Journal Register by Amanda Reavy which details the eco-friendly elements of the company. Here's a taster:
“This (was) the kitchen of a mobile home,” Beechler said as he showed off a shed at the show Saturday afternoon at the Prairie Capital Convention Center. “This paneling is the original paneling that was in the trailer. I turned (the paneling) around, I patched the holes and then we painted it. We reused all the paneling, the ceiling, the insulation, the (light) switches, even the outlets...It’s cheaper than building your own shed from scratch and it’s helping the environment."
Apparently it costs $1,000 to get rid of a mobile home and Beechler claims more than 200,000 go to landfill every year with almost no recycling of them.

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