Monday, March 17, 2008

(Another) Space ship for sale

Now this really is a space shed, up for sale on craigslist and indeed ebay. Here's the detail:
"This space ship is in excellent condition! Only 300 million Intergalactic miles, 4 passenger, no meteor dents, possibly needs reactor seals and recharged flux capacitor, 1 owner. Still have the original owners manual. Does have a wobble issue at Mach 12 but clears once it hits 15 not sure what that is but I lose the GPS screen for about a minute or so. Complete with bubble glass windows! Never crashed! For sale $3500 OBO. Clear title in hand, cash sale only, no trades and I won't take payments. Once it leaves the earth, I know you are not coming back so why would I??? DUH! It needs some TLC like an alignment and new landing sensors. Stored in a secure warehouse in Phx. Must sell City of Phx pressuring me, they say it's an eye sore?? It's on my front lawn and it's burnt the grass last year when it was running, I have the re entry burners turned up to kill the termites and scorpions when landing."
Via Trendhunter


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Does this space ship really can fly ?????
    I search for space ship and get your blog.
    Hope to have a space ship , but can fly one.

  2. No, sadly I don't think it really flies. But maybe you could add rockets to it.

  3. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I'm looking for a spaceship for my kids and came across your site, How big is it and what's it made of, Looks great can't see why it would be an eye sore.

  4. Anonymous3:34 AM

    I love Lamp!

  5. Anonymous1:19 AM

    No, I don't think it can fly, because there's nothing foceing it into the air like,Rockets or alctude!!