Monday, March 31, 2008

RHS Chelsea Flower Show preview

It doesn't look like being a classic year for garden offices at Chelsea 2008 (although designs do change quite dramatically). Here though is a rundown of shedworking atmospheres to look out for. First the show gardens. Above is Real Life by Brett Landscaping in association with Geoffrey Whiten, a garden themed around adaptability and sustainability aiming to provide a flexible outdoor space for everyday living which incorporates what they call "a flexible, adaptable building". Below is A Forest Within the Chaos of a City designed by Shao Fan which introduces an original modern Chinese garden including traditional buildings.Below is Summer Solstice by del Buono Gazerwitz, an organic agrarian garden featuring a 'state of the art' green-roofed building with solar panels, reclaimed timber and Cotswold stone.Next is Leeds City Council's The Largest Room in the House by Denise Preston including a replica of the wooden summer house at Talbot House, Poperinghe near Ypres.In the Urban Gardens, look out for The Sky at Night by Barry Mayled, a rooftop garden for an astronomer with a shedlike building incorporating a sliding roof.Finally, in the Courtyard Gardens section, what looks to be one of the loveliest of the lot from the Uchiyama Landscape Construction Company, Princess Moon – East Wind II by Koji Ninomiya. It's inspired by a traditional Japanese fairy story about a bamboo cutter.


  1. Nothing catches my eye at all... which is a shame..

    what with the great sheds out there you would think these designers would do something "off the shed"

  2. I agree. It doesn't look like a vintage year this year. Even Diarmuid hasn't got one. But they do sometimes introduce elements close to the final reckoning so fingers crossed.

  3. I think i might have just thought Yuck about all of these. I would rather have Big Sur.

  4. The observatory is natty but I fear you're right Emma, they could all do with a major dose of Kithauslike scrumptiousness. Perhaps the other shows will put Chelsea to shame.

  5. Iam looking forward to the Cardiff RHS show, hopefully they will have some sheds on show?

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