Sunday, January 14, 2007

Watford Borough Council homeworking strategy

Just down the road from this blog, Watford Borough Council is launching a flexible home working initiative, according to The initiative will enable staff to work remotely using a network security solution from AppGate. Lieven Hermans, Head of Business Information Systems at Watford Borough Council said: “With AppGate, we now have a proven mobile access solution, which represents a significant part of our business continuity plans. The council has the reassurance that should employees be unable to come into the council offices, services will nevertheless continue to run as normal. Flexible working also improves choice and working options for council employees whilst boosting productivity and helping us to achieve maximum efficiency and best value as set out in the Gershon efficiency agenda.”

Watford hopes to extend the remote access to additional departments within the authority, to develop a wide-reaching business continuity strategy for the whole borough and promote flexible, home-working on a larger operational scale.

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