Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Are you a data jockey or an urban unitasker?

A new report from Microsoft and The Future Laboratory looks at the future of work (which seems to be an increasingly popular bandwagon theme). As well as discussing what they call 'work-life blending' where amateurs with professional levels of ability become a growing part of the workforce, they also suggest four different kinds of 21st century mobile or 'transcorporate' workers, complete with usual barmy names. These are:
• Data jockeys: the under 25s who spend all their time with new technology, but as the report puts it bluntly, "have yet to learn to translate data into insight"
• Urban unitaskers: thirty and fortysomethings who can see advantages in working at home but like working by themselves rather than collaborating, concentrating on doing one thing well rather than multitasking
• Digital artisans: workers who are very keen indeed on the white heat of technology and using it in a creative and ethical way, sharing their knowledge freely and happily
• High-wire walkers: those who like a bit of security and a decent pension and are a bit unsure about a 'flexible future'
I've found it very hard tracking down the report but you can download it from Jason Langridge's blog here.

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