Sunday, January 14, 2007

This blog and The Shed featured in The Scotsman

The Shedworking and Homeworking blog and The Shed magazine received a very appreciative (and appreciated) write-up at the weekend in The Scotsman newspaper by writer, campaigner and allotment guru Antonia Swinson in her popular Allotment Tales column. Under the headline 'The joy of a garden office', Antonia says: "Boy, what a difference a shed makes for sheer freedom and creativity... I made connections I would miss in a busy office, new avenues of investigation...Perhaps it is time to start evaluating the shed's true bottom-line value? Management consultants could have a profitable business persuading today's knowledge businesses to stop building glass palaces that cost a fortune to heat and start investing in employee huts - complete with company logo."

Antonia’s new book ‘You Are What You Grow - Life, Land, & The Pursuit of Happiness’ (Luath £9.99) is out now, a mere £6.79 on Amazon.

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