Friday, January 12, 2007

Homeworking in the Northwest

If you work from home in North West of England, you should certainly be a regular visitor to the Homeworking in England's Northwest excellent web site (even if you're not in the NW you should still take a look). Supported by the Northwest Development Agency and run by Redbrick Enterprises, the project is encouraging and supporting homeworking through a campaign that will run until March next year. Andrew Halliwell, acting Head of Regional ICT Policy at the NWDA and project sponsor, said: “We know that the Northwest is already home to thousands of at-home entrepreneurs and employees who are making use of one of the UK’s leading IT infrastructures with over 99.99% broadband coverage across the region and this project, through putting on events, delivering publications and managing a dedicated website, will encourage this activity to flourish yet further.”

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