Thursday, January 25, 2007

Capsule home office

If you like the look of the Gopod featured on this site last year, you'll love the Capsule office from the regal home furnishings experts House Couturier who describe it as functional artwork. It's a wooden capsule office which can be customised to taste. Although it can be made to any size, the standard model stands 1.7 metre tall and when opened is "a capacious office in a triptych effect" with a circular computer desk inside and space for all your staples. Optional add-ons included interior lighting, convex shelving and areas for hidden cabling. The capsule is on coasters so you can have capsule office races with your homeworking friends. It comes plain painted, wallpapered or covered in fabric, as does the interior. It all comes in at, well, at least £3,000. I suspect delivery is free.

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