Sunday, January 14, 2007

Project Orange

One of the best things about Zoe Williams's series Working From Home last week on Radio 4 (you can still listen to it via the Listen Again facility on the BBC's web site, though you'll have to be quick about it before it disappears) was the input from James Soane of design and architecture practice Project Orange. He talked interestingly about the miniaturisation of the office workplace and also the quasi-monastic elements involved in a homeworker's life. One of the projects he mentioned was a London house which had a study/bedroom behind an invisible pivoting panel wall. I found this hard to picture but you can see it on their site here: click on 'Homes' then on 'Medium' and it's the first one featured.

My other favourite invisible talking head was composer Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare In Love, Charlotte Gray, Billy Elliot) who very sensibly said he actually quite liked being interrupted by his family during work and spoke quite movingly about the major influence working from home has on his work, particularly with Charlotte Gray. You can hear both these two in the Wednesday and Thursday broadcasts.

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