Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Over-50s homeworking entrepreneurs

Millennium's latest B2B newsletter on over-50s marketing matters, Circus (to be published later this month though you can download back issues from the site), features a new newsletter targeting over-50 business entrepreneurs looking to work from home, launched by 57-year-old early retiree Roger George. Boomers' Monthly aims to profile home-based wealth creation opportunities and provide members with the latest news on related topics such as book and web site reviews, nostalgia, travel and health issues to help readers maintain a healthy life and enjoy their newfound wealth.

"Having retired from the rat race at 52, I went on to spend several years researching and testing, and using many, of the vast range of primarily home-based business opportunities," says George. "I know what it's like to stare at all the business opportunities and think 'where on earth do I start?'. The 20-page newsletter includes a free DVD each month featuring what George calls "recognised masters - all self-made millionaires" talking about their routes to success plus articles on subjects such as how to set up your home business, finding customers and using the internet to benefit your business.

Subscription to Boomers' Monthly is £19.97per month with discounts available and a free triall issue. More details at Boomer's web site here.

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