Friday, January 05, 2007

Do I really need a mobile phone?

Well, for years I've been holding out against buying one, largely on the basis that as I'm not a surgeon on call I haven't ever really needed to be contacted urgently at any time of the night and day. It's not that I'm a techno/social dinosaur - I work remotely, wirelessly and videoconferencely, have a flexible portfolio career and even buy music by popular beat music combos. But after several occasions over the last few months when a mobile would actually have been quite useful, I caved in yesterday and bought a titchy little thing (pictured) which does everything I want it to do (call people, take people's calls) plus lots of stuff I don't (take photos and videos, make coffee, etc). I'm still not entirely convinced I'll be using it more than once a month though. If you feel the same, so do these people at The Guardian newspaper's Notes & Queries section and I'd be interested to hear other people's views on the subject.

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