Monday, January 22, 2007

Working from home with children - Part 2

Following on from the post a few days ago, there's more on this subject at Web Worker Daily by Mike Gunderloy. Among his musings is what he calls 'The question of the door'. "The raging argument that divides work-at-home parents into two camps is whether to shut the kids out entirely or not," he writes. "Should your home office have a door that you close between the hours of 9am and 5pm, with the kids safely on the outside? Certainly having the door (and someone on the other side who takes care of the children) makes your working life simpler, but to my mind it removes one of the main benefits of the home office lifestyle. If I wanted to be away from my family all day, I’d put on a tie and go into a real office somewhere. We “no-door” types prefer to watch our kids growing up, even if that makes work more difficult at times." Personally, I like watching my kids grow up too (one reason why I chose the life of a shedworker), but not when I'm working. When I'm not on sentry duty, I like a good solid door and 30ft of grass between us.

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