Monday, January 15, 2007

Flexible working - new report

Research from ISP KCOM suggests:
* 1 in 2 workers fear that working flexible will sideline their career
* Two thirds of workers want to work flexibly, despite career concerns
* Three quarters of workers are unaware of their legal right to work flexibly, three years after the Government’s legislation came into effect
* Four out of five workers believe flexible working would improve quality time with children, their productivity and loyalty to their company

According to the press release, "Only 15 per cent thought that it is an option for ‘skiving off’." I'm not sure that 'only' is the right word here - I'd have gone for 'a worryingly enormous'.

It goes on to say: "Barriers to flexi-working across the UK, besides office culture, are complex. However, one of the major reasons cited by both men and women surveyed is technology. Over half suggested that their companies aren’t willing to provide the technology they need to work flexibly, for instance, BlackBerrys, PDAs, laptops or broadband at home. After technology, women were mostly likely to consider that businesses being ‘stuck in the dark ages and averse to change’ (48 per cent) impacted the uptake of flexi-working, while men considered that it is due to companies not trusting their employees (52 per cent)."

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